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Abigail's Place Mely Testimonial


​​"Alone with my four young children and minimal resources, I found myself lost and scared after Hurricane Harvey left us homeless. I was fearful of the future; not knowing how I was going to provide shelter, food, clothes, safety and necessities for all five of us on my part time income. Then, a light gleamed brightly at the end of our tunnel thanks to Abigail’s Place, who was the light that illuminated our path back to happiness, safety and security. Not only did Abigail’s Place help with the down payment for our new rental, but they also furnished our entire house and provided clothes, food and toiletries. My children now thrive in the safety and comfort of our own home. Shortly thereafter I was able to successfully finish school and am now able to provide for my children and myself."   

Abigail's Place Irene Testimonial


"I am a mother of two children, ages 14 and 11. Our home of 15 years was affected by the flooding in May of 2016, and we lost all of our belongings except the clothes we left with. I was very scared because my children and I were homeless – I cried where my children could not see me because I did not want them to have the fear I did. One day God sent me beautiful people from Abigail’s Place, which is dedicated to helping families in need. Thanks to Abigail’s Place my children and I have a bed to sleep on, a furnished living room to entertain friends, a refrigerator to store our food in, a stove where we prepare our food, and a kitchen table and chairs where we enjoy our meals. Most of all they made us feel a part of their family, always watching us and asking if we are well, and helping me later on in providing a Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas gifts. I thank God for the beautiful and generous hearts of all the people of Abigail’s Place who helped us move into our new home and help families in need like mine."  

Abigail's Place Annette Testimonial


"Yesterday I had such a hard day with an emotional breakdown. The love and support I am receiving from Abigail’s Place is such a blessing from God. I want to say thank you so much from my heart and because of you and your organization I know my daughter and I are going to be ok."

Abigail's Place Nancy Testimonal


"I was laid off from the oil industry, and wasn’t able to find a new job. I kept paying my mortgage for a long time, and eventually ran out of money. I had no idea that, in the end, it would leave me “homeless.” The Abigail’s Place shelter has thankfully provided me with a sense of peace."

Abigail's Place Carla Testimonial


"I can’t even begin to express what the support of Abigail’s Place meant to me and my three kids. They helped me create a home for my family in the midst of chaos. With their support, my kids were able to have some normalcy. I will never forget what Abigail’s Place did for us."

Abigail's Place Mina Testimonial


"My family and I can't thank you enough for all of your help and abundance of blessings. We were only able to get this far because you gave us a chance. Thank you!"

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