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Abigail's Place

I would like to introduce you to Anna.  

Anna is a single mother with three daughters. She is a fantastic mom and a very hard worker. She is employed in a local restaurant and works daily in the kitchen. She often picks up extra shifts in order to care for her children as best she can. However, because of some unfortunate circumstances with family and work, she recently found herself facing episodic homelessness.  


Fortunately, Anna was made aware of Abigail’s Place by one of our strategic partners. 

After a quick interview, Anna and her family were offered a safe place to stay in one of our three-bedroom units. The family no longer had to worry about where they would sleep or eat their next meal. The stability offered by Abigail’s Place made it possible for Anna to focus on improving her financial situation in order to secure permanent housing for her family. In fact, after just a few months in our Shelter, Anna was able to secure an apartment close to work and school.  Her family continues to thrive in their new home and recently shared with us this quote: “My children and I are thankful for the continued support and encouragement you and your team give us. You feel like family to us and we know we can count on you even now.”

There are many more “Anna’s” with young children in our community. Abigail’s Place is a relief organization that was established to support single mothers throughout Fort Bend County, just like Anna, by providing transitional housing and restoring hope during a time of family crisis. In just seven short years, Abigail’s Place has helped combat episodic homelessness by supporting nearly 400 families. 

Currently, Abigail’s Place has three units that provide temporary housing for up to 12 families a year. In addition to our transitional housing units, we offer help to many other families through assistance with such things as hotel stays and rent/deposits. Because of partners like you, plans are currently underway to enlarge our shelter capacity to ten, single-family housing units, greatly increasing our capacity to help single moms in Fort Bend County!

WE HAVE A Proven Track Record of Success IN MOVING OUR FAMILIES OUT OF HOMELESSNESS Into Permanency.

Please join us in impacting families throughout our community by becoming a sponsor for our annual “Puttin’ on the Glitz” Gala. We’ve enclosed sponsorship information for this opportunity and would love to speak with you further about our organization and the benefits that you, as a donor, would receive. 


Please do not hesitate to call if you have questions or would like additional information. 


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Mett Carroll

Executive Director, Abigail’s Place 

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