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Mother and Daughter Hugging

OUR Story

Abigail's Place

This is our story of restoring hope and faith for single moms in need... 


Abigail's Place formed in January of 2016 after founder Shereen Sampson realized there was a tremendous need of emergency housing support for displaced single mothers in Fort Bend County. Our mission is to serve single mothers in Fort Bend County who are facing episodic homelessness, which means that circumstances beyond their control have left them without a place to live. These circumstances can include the loss of a job, an illness, losing a family member who was the breadwinner, or fleeing domestic violence.


Homelessness can be hidden in several ways. The family may be temporarily living with family or friends, using the last of their savings living in a hotel, or they may be living out of their car. This transient lifestyle brings with it emotional and physical distress, and children, faced with uncertainty and loss, often begin to do poorly in school and suffer social isolation.


We are not here to enable. We are here to encourage and to help single moms move towards self-sufficiency and independence. This cannot happen if they are homeless.


From early 2016 to the summer of 2017, Abigail's Place aided many single mother families in the community by assisting with housing payments, furnishing apartments, providing food and clothing, and helping to restore homes damaged in devastating flood in May of 2016.


In October 2017, Abigail's Place opened the doors of their emergency housing, purchased through a generous financial gift and renovated with the help of many volunteers. During the first few months of operation, Abigail's Place provided a safe haven for five families, who have since found permanent housing.


We are now looking to the future and hope to increase our housing capacity through the construction of a multi-unit complex, including a community room where volunteers can interact with the housing clients, offering enrichment classes and other resources.


Your support is vital to our organization, as we rely solely on private donations to continue on with our mission.

Abigail's Place is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization serving displaced single mother families in Fort Bend County.



"Yesterday I had such a hard day with an emotional breakdown. The love and support I am receiving from people I don't know is such a blessing from God. I want to say thank you so much from my heart and because of you and your organization I know my daughter and I are going to be ok."

Annette — 2016


Vita Goodell, Fort Bend County Women's Center — 2016

"We support Abigail's Place in its efforts to provide safe housing for women and children who are trying to achieve self-sufficiency. We look forward to partnering with them for many years to come."


Fanny — 2018

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